With talent shortages more prevalent than ever in the world of sales, it takes another level of creativity and research to build the best team.

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Countries Worldwide

We’re a US based company with a vast global reach and experience across 6 continents. Culture is no barrier for our team.

Happy Customers

With a heavy focus in technology and professional services, we build out sales teams selling complex solutions for our clients.

Is Your GTM Solution

Customers across Europe, South America, and Asia "insource" to the United States through ESI. It means we build teams for them right here in our own offices and provide the management and training needed. It saves time, money, and GTM efficiency.


Our proven team of sales leaders will manage your team virtually or in-person, letting you sleep at night while they sell.


Training reps from across the globe is not easy. You don't have to. We'll onboard, train, and optimize your reps' performance.


Show the US market that you have a local presence. With Class-A space in Michigan, you'll be ready to take on the market.

Top Sales Pros

We have a decade of experience hiring the best.
Learn how we've done it for startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Quick Turnaround

We don't post and pray for candidates. We actively source the best talent from your competitors, yielding a quicker time to hire.

recruitment for sales

Recruitment for Sales & Marketing

Our team has a number of solutions for companies to find top SDR, BDR, AE, and various sales positions within the U.S. From “insourcing” for international companies to permanent-placement recruiting without the traditional cost, we’re taking the war for talent head on with our clients.

Fill the Toughest
Sales Positions

Don't get into salary bidding wars and benefits battles. Rather, find talent that buys into what you do and is going to be there for the long haul.


Build your inbound function with top SDRs that are already trained and top performers in their field.


Grow your demand generation by hiring BDRs that have already generated complex, enterprise deals.


The average AE closes 15% of deals. At ESI, we average closer to 55%. We hire producers, not just sales reps.

Sales Leaders

Hiring the wrong Head of Sales and leadership roles can kill your business. Hire right the first time with ESI.

Sales Operations

Building out a sales operations or RevOps function? We're practitioners in this space and quickly weed out low performers.

Sales Engineers

Find top talent that not only can sell, but understands technology well enough to be your best performing Sales Engineer.

Have some questions about Talent?

If you've made it this far, there's a high chance you're interested in scaling your team with top talent, but aren't quite sure on how to do so. Take a look at our FAQ below.

What is insourcing?

It's the ability to hire a US-based team without being state side. We merge hiring, training, and management into one service.

Why use ESI for sales recruiting?

We don't charge enormous fees for posting on the same job boards you can. You pick up the phone and call top talent.

What is the cost of insourcing?

We combine the hiring, training, and management of your reps into a single fee based on the salary of the individuals.

What is the cost of recruiting?

While traditional agencies charge 20-30% of first year pay, we're typically between 12-18% of the base salary alone.

Should I insource or hire internal?

Insourcing is a stepping stone to building your own internal sales team. It's how you can get started while mitigating risk.

Why is ESI more cost effective?

That's simple: we fill virtually all of our jobs, and aren't relying on only filling 1 out of 5, as most agencies do.

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