Revenue Operations

Unify your sales and marketing efforts to unlock the optimal customer journey. Maximize every dollar you put into growth all while reducing the workload on your team.

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revenue operations

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What is RevOps
and why is it your golden ticket?

Unlocking limitless growth means being able to reduce your customer acquisition costs, optimize the customer journey for conversions, and having real-time, accurate data.

Companies that have a true RevOps strategy in place are proven to grow 8% faster than the competition (Forrester) and have a much easier time finding growth and funding alike.

as a service

Your team doesn't need to focus on the operations behind growth, but someone does. That's why customers work with our ROaaS. We ensure your data, platforms, and efficiency are sky high so your team can focus on what they do best: selling.

System Management

Don't handle support and administration of your tech stack yourself. Delegate it to an entire team ready to support.

Marketing Attribution 

Leverage attribution experts to keep track of where your most profitable leads come from, with or without cookies.

Data Analysis

Work with our team to automate your reporting, data analysis, and identification of gaps in your growth.


Our team will handle your CRM and related data integrity as well as forecasting, ensuring you know what to expect.

Journey Automation

A meaningful growth strategy meets customers where they want to be met. That requires an omni-channel approach that nurtures prospects into customers and customers into raving fans. The ability to integrate and automate all of your data and touch points is easier said than done. That's where our team steps in.

Personalization & Automation

The misconception that automation is solely about volume is incorrect. With the right technology and data setup, you're able to provide each of your prospects, whether B2B or B2C, a fully customized journey. Unlock your growth potential with the right automation setup.

Advanced Tracking

Create a seamless data pipeline across all of your systems, properties, applications, and more.

Performance Analysis

We provide the "why" behind touch points working or not, enabling clients to grow more strategically.

Omni-channel Targeting

Together, we'll meet your future customers where ever they might be: email, LinkedIn, SMS, ads, and more.

...We're Nerds

Whether you're using Salesforce, HubSpot, or any other MarTech, we've got you covered. ESI puts business outcomes first, technology second. Together, let's build the utlimate growth stack for your company.
Certified Salesforce, HubSpot, and Full-Stack Developers
Create or customize any MarTech platform on the market
Integrate all of your systems for flawless, actionable data
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Leads Generated

ESI customers don't need to look for their next lead. With our customer journeys, databases, and more, we're able to make sure your pipeline is full.

Global Clients

Our team has worked with countless organizations, each with their own, unique problems. They keep coming back because of the outcome provided, not the input.

Budget Saved

We don't build technology to spend money. The goal is to drive growth and cut long-term costs with the right technical stack supporting your growth.

Have some questions about RevOps?

If you've made it this far, there's a high chance you're interested in scaling your RevOps, but aren't quite sure on how to do so. Take a look at our FAQ below.

What is RevOps?

Revenue Operations is the art of reducing CAC and scaling profits through the merging of sales and marketing operations.

Why would I invest in operations?

Forrester reports that companies with a RevOps strategy grow 8% faster than the competition. Does more need to be said?

What is CAC?

Customer Acquisition Costs are the price you pay to acquire one new customer. The lower it is, the more you can grow.

Why choose ESI?

Our team has actually lead sales and marketing teams. We're practitioners before consultants, giving us the upper hand.

What tech does ESI specialize in?

While we're  tech agnostic, much of our work is in and around Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, ActiveCampaign, Drift, etc.

What if I already have RevOps?

Every Fortune 500 company we've worked with has a RevOps team. We help augment them for efficient business outcomes.

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