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What is chatter?

Salesforce Chatter is Salesforce's built-in social media platform. It allows users to share and collaborate on content, track and report topics of interest. Companies use it to share information about their products and services. The app is designed for businesses to build relationships and allows employees to collaborate on projects.

How Does Salesforce Chatter Work?

Salesforce Chatter allows you to post links, photos, and videos to share important information with your team, including how-to guides, presentations, and other documents. Everyone in Chatter has a profile page with pictures and job information. You can engage with other members besides your team by following them on Chatter.

Your What I Follow feed will display posts, comments, and likes when you follow a member. Unbiased by their teams, individuals can follow one another, promoting cross-functional collaboration. You are informed when files, topics, and records change if you choose to follow them.

What's difference between chatter and chatter feed?

Chatter is a social media platform within Salesforce. However, Chatter Feed is a feature that allows users to see what other users in their company are talking about. Chatter Feed shows what your company's competitors are doing, which can help you create a better market for your products or services. The Chatter Feed is also where you can follow the latest posts from your favorite users.

Salesforce Chatter: An Evaluation of Collaboration Components
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How to Set Up Your Chatter Profile

The first step to setting up your Chatter profile is to decide on a username. Once you have decided on the username you want, you will be able to create your profile.

Afterward, decide on the type of account you want. You can choose between a free account or a premium account. If you are unsure which one is best for you, go with the free account. You can achieve this by completing the following steps:

● You can find the placeholder profile picture on the page's left side, under the Chatter tab. Next to the placeholder picture, click Your Name.

● Hover your cursor over the blank photo and select Add Photo to change your profile picture.

● Click the image of the pencil icon next to your profile picture to update your contact information. Fill out the fields from the Contact and About tabs in the Edit Profile box.

● Press "Save All."

Tips to Improve Visibility Salesforce

One of the biggest challenges in a salesforce is increasing your team members' visibility. Your profile can help improve visibility by using a few simple methods that are easy to implement and effective. These are:

● Complete your profile by including information about the division you work in, your background, and any active projects.

● Use your image, not one of you with a group of people or a pet. Pick a photo you don't mind showing your boss and CEO because the social media platform is a business tool.

● Save your job! Make it a habit to look for the save button before navigating to another page element.

In conclusion, Salesforce is a great tool to help your company increase productivity. Still, you could miss many opportunities if you're not using it to its full potential.

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