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Multi-Tenant CRM and Marketing Automation

Case study on marketing automation to consolidate the technology used by sales and marketing teams of 11 holding companies into unified marketing automation tools and CRM.

Multi-Tenant CRM and Marketing Automation

Business Information

customer persona
Customer Persona: 
VC Fund w/ 11 Portfolio Companies
customer location
Customer Location:
Austin, TX
company size
Company Size:
VC Portfolio Valued at $2B+
technologies used
Technologies Used:
Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, SendGrid, Twilio

Key Insights

11 portfolio companies in the PropTech space out of Austin was looking to consolidate the technology each firm's growth teams used. They were aiming to create a "shared services". The marketing automation business case was that each company could also cross-sell and leverage each other's data while cutting technology costs.
On a tight deadline of just 60 days, ESI had to deal with the fact that each company was on a different CRM, needed custom integrations with each of their mobile and SaaS applications, required different visibility settings and restrictions. The requirement for the capabilities of enterprise marketing automation in CRM user interfaces was key... but not easy.
This marketing automation case study started with cleaning and enriching over 1.5M+ records across incorrectly used objects with bad data. We then created a multi-tenant Salesforce and marketing automation instance with custom APIs, visibility, and data sets for each company.

The Results

Multi-Tenant CRM and Marketing Automation
This was one of the most complex, yet rewarding marketing automation case studies we've experienced here at ESI.
Stephen Lowisz
Managing Partner


The companies were able to cross-sell with their common audiences. Each company's sales team has data on countless warm leads and referrals across the other firms.


They were able to reduce their technology overhead after having implemented marketing automation in a shared services manner that enhanced the capabilities of 11 companies at once.

Conversion rates

Conversion rates across each startup went up due to the omnichannel marketing automation software and CRM put in place, albeit with heavily customized capabilities and views for each.
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