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VC-backed startup migrates and automates the customer journey with HubSpot.


Business Information

customer persona
Customer Persona: 
Series A LawTech Startup
customer location
Customer Location:
New York, NY
company size
Company Size:
45 Employees
technologies used
Technologies Used:
HubSpot Sales & Marketing Hubs, Custom SaaS, Zoom Webinar, Invoiced

Key Insights

LawTrades has built a cutting-edge legal recruitment platform used by neighborhood and Fortune 500 firms alike. However, most of the internal growth engine was quite disjointed. The company was leveraging systems that didn’t talk together seamlessly. As much talent as the team had, too much time was spent on data entry, reporting, etc. LawTrades had the goal of automating internal efforts so they could focus on customer success.
The LawTech platform was using a variety of systems to accomplish each task. They had a webinar system that didn’t talk to the CRM or email automations, invoicing that was done manually through work logs, WordPress, and, etc. Every platform was decentralized from the rest. Due to this, LawTrades decided to migrate CRMs while also trying to fix their manual data entry and disjointed internal processes.
First, the Enterprise Sales Institute was able to help LawTrades move to HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hubs. This enabled one system to be the “source of truth” for everything sales and marketing. Next, The Institute tackled an integration with their custom SaaS to ensure leads could be nurtured based on user behavior. Finally, the process used to invoice customers for a mix of products and services was automated with Invoiced.

The Results


Centralized Sales and Marketing System

A meaningful revenue operations function was created by bringing the sales and marketing teams together in one platform.

Automated Workflows and Data Entry

The company’s team is no longer uploading lists from one system to the next. Rather, they’re spending more time on actual growth.

Simplified Revenue Operations

LawTrades no longer sends invoices, reports, or forecasts manually. Rather, they rely on a fully automated system integrated with their growth stack.
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