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Kitcast ABM Marketing

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Digital signage CMS software company lands deals with Apple, Facebook, and Disney

Kitcast ABM Marketing

Business Information

customer persona
Customer Persona: 
Marketing & Corporate Communications Executives
customer location
Customer Location:
San Francisco, CA
company size
Company Size:
50 Employees
technologies used
Technologies Used:

Key Insights

Kitcast, a valley-based digital CMS startup, engaged ESI to build out an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy from scratch. Without a proper sales and marketing function, the goal was to create a highly targeted, yet scalable system targeting enterprise-level marketing executives.
The largest challenge was breaking into the enterprise as a startup without a known brand. Catching the attention of marketing executives in Fortune 500 companies required a vast amount of account data, org chart breakouts, multi-touch campaigns, and cross-channel communications.
ESI was able to orchestrate ABM campaigns toward target accounts that involved inbound marketing through PPC, retargeting, and custom audience advertisements, as well as outbound efforts. The compliment of inbound with emails, calls, and in-person events resulted in Fortune 500 clients.

The Results

Kitcast ABM Marketing
Kitcast was a long-term client that resulted in some of the top logos we've landed for our clients. The technology was advanced but built in a simplistic manner that combined the humanization that enterprise selling requires with technology that scales capacity.
Stephen Lowisz
Managing Partner

New Logos

ESI was able to help coordinate deals with Facebook, Apple, Disney, and more. This resulted in a compound effect due to the credibility these logos bring; making new accounts more comfortable.

Systematic Outbound

Kitcast was able to replicate the system ESI implemented to continue a "land and expand" approach within enterprise accounts they couldn't get a meeting with previously.

Integrating Sales & Marketing

The company was able to combine sales and marketing efforts in a way that reduced customer acquisition costs and penetrated accounts faster, leading to quicker sales cycles.
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