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Digital signage CMS software company lands deals with Apple, Facebook, and Disney


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Key Insights

Kitcast, a valley-based funded startup engaged ESI to build out a sales system from scratch. With no enterprise sales background, the goal was to create a scalable outbound function that could target enterprise-level marketing leaders
The largest challenge was the level of competition in an industry where no one had heard of Kitcast. When targeting Fortune 500 executives, breaking through the noise is most difficult. It required proper messaging, systemization, and coordination of efforts
ESI was able to provide an outbound sales solution, compounded by weekly consulting of Kitcast leadership. In addition, ESI offered a white label solution for a massive digital signage event in Las Vegas that ended up netting multiple Fortune 500 deals

The Results

Kitcast was a long-term client that resulted in some of the top logos we've landed for our clients. The technology was advanced but built in a simplistic manner. When compounded with emotional selling, the potential was endless for the organization
Stephen Lowisz
Managing Partner

New Logos

ESI was able to help coordinate deals with Facebook, Apple, Disney, and more on behalf of Kitcast

Systematic Outbound

Kitcast was able to take the system provided by ESIand continue growth internally through hiring

Partnership Program

The company was able to launch a partner program targeting systems integrators and related experts
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