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L.A. based CannaTech company drops CPD from $83 to $1.50 through digital ad operations.


Business Information

customer persona
Customer Persona: 
Mobile App Startup in Cannabis Technology
customer location
Customer Location:
Los Angeles, CA
company size
Company Size:
20 Employees
technologies used
Technologies Used:
Mixpanel, Custom Middleware Algorithm, Meta Business Manager, Google Analytics, Google Ads

Key Insights

Jointly is a mobile app company that is revolutionizing how consumers find and review CBD and related cannabis products. When Jointly engaged ESI, the company was acquiring downloads for $83 each and was struggling with a total of 3,000 users. The first objective with Jointly was to reduce the CPD to a manageable cost and then move to more advanced attribution modeling, audience intelligence, and product analytics to improve app user quality.
While Jointly started out purely as a mobile app without actually selling any cannabis products (this has since changed), they still faced the same advertising policy restrictions as the rest of the industry. These restrictions caused two major issues. First, advertising accounts were constantly banned on Meta and Google Ads. In addition, because they couldn't run ads directly to their app, they didn't have any meaningful attribution or analytics capabilities.
First, ESI discovered that Jointly could create a "cleansed" splash page on a new domain that had zero references to cannabis. Sending ad traffic to an optimized landing page and then the app store proved effective and dropped download costs drastically. Furthermore, ESI developed an algorithm that connected the data between the "cleansed" landing page and Mixpanel data. It means that Jointly could test new audiences and track conversions better.

The Results

Stephen possesses great digital expertise, and has helped grow our business tremendously. He and his team quickly jumped in to creatively and strategically execute our needs. They have been wonderful partners, with dedication for our company goals.
Lauren McGurn

Reduced CPD by 98%

The Institute was able to overcome ad restrictions and implement new ad operations, dropping the CPD from $83 to $1.50.

Improved Attribution Model

A custom middleware algorithm was built to match ad audiences with Mixpanel user data, improving attribution and ad testing.

Improved & Efficient Reporting

ESI was able to automate reporting on cross-platform conversions that restrict any references to cannabis to begin with.
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