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B2B SaaS company avoids $250k licensing costs with custom CPQ solution.

Custom Salesforce Development

Business Information

customer persona
Customer Persona: 
Practice Management SaaS for Accounting Firms
customer location
Customer Location:
San Francisco, CA
company size
Company Size:
VC-Funded Series B Company Valued at $500M
technologies used
Technologies Used:
Salesforce CRM, Apex, CPQ

Key Insights

The fast-growing startup needed a quicker solution to configuring and pricing out complex practice management software for accounting firms. They needed an overhaul CPQ solution that voided the need for Salesforce's licensing upgrade that would cost $250k per year.
While the company had some CPQ functions built into Salesforce, their requirements were complex and needed increased customization abilities. Unlocking the restrictions faced would require a massive upgrade that would cost an unreasonable amount of money for a CPQ solution.
The team at ESI evaluated, mapped, and created a new CPQ process that met the unique needs of the startup. This included a complex solution for handling bundles, dependencies, variable pricing, usage fees, and more. This solution was then mapped to their finance system.

The Results

Custom Salesforce Development

Time Saved

The company had a sales team of 34 people, each working on custom quotes for every client. The new solution decreased the time for quoting by more than 4 hours per week per rep; or 136 man hours per week.

Cost Savings

This startup was able to pay for a one-time development project for under $20k that resulted in annual savings north of $250,000. That resulted in hiring more sales reps and focusing on sales enablement.

Improved Accuracy

While manually pricing out each prospect quote was possible, it lead to errors in pricing. While most were minor, the volume of deals resulted in major financial impact. This was voided by completely automating CPQ.
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